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The 21st Century leadership Needs a Mental Shift

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We deserve better

For far too long our cortisol have been warning us that something is wrong, that we are not safe, whether it is at home or school or college or hospital or police station or a company or a government, leadership is the one and only element that can give us a feeling of joy & safety or a feeling of stress & anxiety. We cannot go back and change history however if we want our future generation to live in that world of joy and safety we must lead this change in every space of life and be the leaders for them that we once wished for ourselves.

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The Full Story

21st century Leadership needs a mental shift. Let Us Lead is my humble attempt to bring human centricity in management and leadership in a machine and number centered world. Too much of damage has been done by some of the 20th Century leaders by propagating some malpractices in business, be it schools or hospitals or corporations, even when we talk about parenting in this affluent society we are lacking leadership in a big way. If we want our future generations to be in safe hands then we have to lead this change, we must reinvent management to suit the nature and needs of millennials and centennials. In this site you will be finding blogs, articles, case studies, interviews of great thinkers and leaders, latest researches, management training, surveys and studies. I am deeply committed and driven in this mission. Let us lead for our next generation.

Blogs & Articles

Let Us Lead

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We Value the non-readers also

LET US LEAD also ventures in youtube world, we use the platform to train the current generation of managers on new approaches to 21st century management and leadership. We also discuss various aspects of modern day business that has become best practice since ages but now need a rethinking on their validity in this century. We challenge those accepted norms. We also venture in case studies of organizations and leaders. Our mission remains the same and rock solid, we need to create better breed of managers and leaders for our future generation so that they can live in a world where they will be willing to contribute, willing to learn and willing to work without any external motivation like reward or punishment always.


We need your time, effort and cooperation to turn things around.

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If you believe in the same cause then there are so many ways you can contribute

  • If you write well, you may contact us to submit your blogs or article to us to get published in this site. Note- The final decision regarding publication of the article on the main website or on the community driven chapter rests with our editorial team.

  • If you are on Facebook & Instagram then you may join our page and share contents and updates posted there.

  • If you like any of the articles here or any content in our YouTube channel you may share that so you contribute to awareness.

  • If you want to work with us to advance this cause you are welcome to contact me.

  • Finally since our mission is to create better breed of leaders so if you are in a management or leadership role already in your organization, kindly take care of your people as if they are your family.

Contact Us

Write for Let us Lead, provide your feedback, provide us your ideas to advance this movement, if you have any queries - please reach out since a war cannot be won alone...

Thanks for submitting!

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