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Our Vision

Let Us Lead might be my Idea of contributing to a better world however this idea is everyone's dream. A dreamland where work gets done through inspiration, where people work not only to live, where we feel presence of worthy leaders all around us in every sphere of life and in that world whatever we do turns out to be revolutionary, magical and breakthrough. This journey might be long, tiring, painful, full of thorns however I believe complaining will help nobody, doing something about it might help somebody. So I have started walking towards my dreamland and I know me alone will fail to make it, so if you want to live in that world then you may join me in my march as brother in arms. I will not ask for your money or likes or subscription but I will need your time and effort to share and spread awareness & advance this cause together since Let Us Lead is not just a website or youtube channel or an article or facebook page or a book or a seminar for entertainment, it is an idea and resistance against malpractices in business and we will explore any avenues or medium to advance this.

My name is Biswadeep Banerjee and I am a thinker and rebel at heart. I have over 15 years of people management experience across various reputed MNCs. I have done certifications on ITIL, Prince2 Foundation, Prince 2 Practitioner, Leading in the Digital Age certified by Harvard Business Review & Atos Global, AI & Machine Learning, Neural Networks. Technically I am also trained on CCNA, Cybersecurity, AI in network security & will continue to learn more till I rest my physical body here. I am deeply committed to drive this change in organizations & society as a whole. I will be your host, guide & mentor in the world of Let Us Lead.

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